What is Basic Banking Account (BBA)

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What is Basic Banking Account (BBA)

 Basic Banking Account (BBA)

Improve access to financial services for the poor and facilitate and

provide basic banking services to low income people in Pakistan, all commercial banks

offer Basic Bank Accounts (BBA). The main features of this account:

1:There is no BBA maintenance cost and a Rs. 1000 minimum initial deposit required.

2:This is a non-commercial account with no minimum balance limit.

3:In cases where the BBA balance remains “zero” for a continuous period of six months,

the account must be closed.

What is Basic Banking Account (BBA)

4:A maximum of two deposits and two withdrawals by check are authorized, without

cash payment / non-cash payment per month.

5:Unlimited free withdrawals from the bank's ATMs. When

withdrawal of funds from BBA through ATMs of other banks, relevant / others

The bank may charge a fee for these transactions.

6:An existing bank account holder can upgrade to a BBA from a regular full-service bank.


7:Banks can add additional services if they wish, as well as charge fees in accordance with the

policy for any service/transaction exceeding the minimum set of BBA services,

if they wish.

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