What Is a Checkbook

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What Is a Checkbook

 What Is a Checkbook

A check book is a folder or small ledger containing pre-printed paper documents issued to checking account holders and used to pay for goods or services. The checkbook contains consecutively numbered checks that account holders can use as a bill of exchange.The account holder's name, address, and other identifying information are typically pre-printed on checks. In addition, each check will also include a bank routing number, account number and check number.


Un chéquier est un petit livre contenant du papier imprimé contenant des informations sur le compte courant d'un client.

Agissant comme une lettre de change, les chèques d'un chéquier sont remis à un commerçant en échange de biens ou de services.

Le destinataire du chèque le dépose sur son compte et, lorsque le chèque est compensé, les fonds sont transférés sur le compte du destinataire.

Avec l'avènement des cartes de crédit, des services bancaires en ligne et des applications mobiles, les chéquiers sont devenus obsolètes.

How a Checkbook Works

A checkbook consists of a series of checks that can be used to make purchases, pay bills, or in any other situation that requires payment. With the advent of online commerce and banking, more and more people are buying and paying their bills online, reducing or eliminating the need for paper checkbooks.

Checkbooks include a number of numbered checks and usually contain some type of ledger where users can track details of checks and account statements. Before being transferred in exchange for goods or services or any payment, the customer must complete certain information on the check and then sign it. The information that needs to be filled in includes the date, the name of the person or entity, and the amount of funds to be withdrawn.

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