What is Debit Card Fees

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What is Debit Card Fees

 Debit Card Fees

Overall, debit cards require nothing: there are no annual membership fees or cash advance fees.

However, they don't always let you avoid fees altogether: if you withdraw money from an ATM that isn't owned or affiliated with the bank that issued your debit card, ATM transaction fees may be charged.

What is  Debit Card Fees

What happens if you use the card to spend more than you have in your account? You may experience under-expenses similar to those incurred due to a returned paper check. If you have taken out overdraft protection, you will have to pay overdraft fees.

You may also incur card replacement fees if yours is lost, damaged or stolen, and foreign transaction fees if you purchase something in a foreign currency.

To note. All this applies to ordinary debit cards, which are paid for with funds withdrawn from your checking account. A prepaid debit card that stores a certain amount of money is different – ??in fact, it's almost a completely different animal.

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